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22 hours ago, kman said:


Some points I would like to comment on.


I have logged into server just as Origins called everyone together and announced the "run down the airstrip for f*** around" command.


No idea what happened, I considered opting out for 1-2 seconds, but also understood this was a disciplinary thing and so made the run with others without any comments.


You mention that running isn't real punishment in game. I would submit, that the sole act of running isn't realy the point even in real life. The point is to make the person(s) responsible to feel guilty about dragging their comrades down with them. That's why units are often disciplined "as a whole" - because there is no "I" in the army.


Sure, we are neither an army nor a milsim, but my logic is:

Make EU3 play like a discussion society, and see how that will waste MUCH MORE of everyone's time, than one run down the airstrip.

And the more people are logged on, the more amplified this is.

well if you can make people run back and forth in the airfield, can you not get them to leave base?

 i see an inconsistancy here.

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