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New player in need

Arctic Wolf

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20 hours ago, Arctic Wolf said:

Also, any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

Hello and welcome Wolf!


Here some tips:

- Play by the rules (linked in this post if you cant find it).

- Be patient and accept failures.

- Use map frequently.

- ID targets properly (nametags isnt a way to id, as they dont show up on friendly all the time).

- Read, listen and watch on what others have to say about the game (youtube, steam discussion etc etc).

- Practise makes perfect (use editor to get urself familiar with things like flying or destroying assests), like almost everything. Ive skipped this part as im born perfect.


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On 9/19/2016 at 9:24 PM, MessedUpSmiley said:

Here's a couple of useful links:

EU#1 and EU#2

EU#3 / AhoyWorld Enhanced


Hope this helps you, if there's any more questions feel free to ask here or join our teamspeak server at 'ts.ahoyworld.net'

Hi, I've been having problems with this. I can't get Arma3 Sync to recognize the existence of the task force radio plugins. Any ideas on what to do?

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@Arctic Wolf

Don't use ArmA3 Sync's installer for TFAR. It doesn't work properly anymore. All you have to do after installing the mod from the repository is:

- Go to your ArmA 3 folder
- Open the @task_force_radio folder

- Open the folder called "teamspeak", inside the previous one

- Copy all those files

- Paste them into your Teamspeak installation folder, under plugins - make sure you have Teamspeak CLOSED for this


Boot up Teamspeak and check under Settings->Plugins. If the TFAR plugin shows up there you should be good to go.

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