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DCS - Simple Radio Server - Testing


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So we are setting up a Server to Host DCS Simple Radio (not a dedicated DCS game server #yet ;), they'll still be hosted locally by individual players for now)


When: On Sunday 25/9/2016 - from 10:00 UTC


Connect to Game - password piss
Connect your SRS client to ts.ahoyworld.net 


 - AWACS is on this channel 124 on the UHF suggest everyone setting a radio to that.

 - The mission uses a script to call in air or ground targets via the comms menu and F10 option

 - F10 option also has scripted FAC section for the Helo's (Gazelles & Huey), that enables them to put smoke markers for dumb bomb run or lase targets for GBU strikes


Recomend joining with DCS Simple Radio Client, it increases immersion and is excellent 

Download & install instructions from the Github link in this post #HERE


Map is Caucasus & Su-25T's will be available so no need to worry about not having any DLC map or aircraft

I'll also have 4x of each other module for those that want run what they own (no ww2, F-86, Mig15, Ka-50, Hawk or EB-101 - will be added in next version)




If you are interested post below or have any questions same applies :D

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**UPDATE** The server is currently running ts.ahoyworld.net

put the ts.ahoyworld.net into your SRS Client and fire up a DCS Game server or join any multiplayer server (two or more people needed to function) 

once you get into game and inside an aircraft your client overlay should populate the radios frequencies (once you switch them on for advanced modules) and you should hear each other in game once you are on the same frequency, 


I have it set up to have all the Realistic Radio bells and whistles settings - Distance and Line of sight and a few other mad magical jiggerie pokerie stuff happens 

the radio has a mic click for incoming and end of transmissions and overlapping transmissions should sound garbled 



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Game Server is up from now hopefully It'll stay up till tomorrrow no crashes


Connect to Game - password piss
Connect your SRS client to ts.ahoyworld.net like below

Make sure to read the briefing in game



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Yeah pesky MiG's, nice gun kill in the end 



weird issue when spawning more than one F-5 on the ground, only one person can use the the comms menu it breaks when another person joins the next free f-5 slot for, I've replaced the F-5's to new positions and re-saved the mission see if that fixes it.


Let me know if it's still happening and I bug report it over on DCS Forums





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wilco! also is that my guns kill? looks like it from  yesterday :D awesome

I think he was running out of fuel or something because he was really burning away from me at one point, then when he thought he had enough distance he went back to like an economy cruise, i locked him up so he went back on the burner, then when he thought he had gotten away again i just turned off the radar and snuck up behind him. alternatively the ai might have just bugged out.

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yeah that's your kill, watched the whole thing, thought you'd given up at one point, then when the second Aim-9 just sailed past the no fucks given mig not even trying to evade (think you were a bit too close), I could feel the rage :D,

thought you were going to forget to drop the external tanks at one point, the AI in the MiG-27K is a bit dumb they just turn and burn, the '29's give a good enough dogfight if you can get in on them 

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