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_,!,, Ahoyworld ,,!,_ Just BAAAAD Admins all round!


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Trolled for telling an admin that there was no need to be kicked. Banned by AhoyWorld admin for shits and giggles. Banned again on Tanoa for advertisement. That's right, I copied and pasted once! TeamSpeak information in group chat. The result was a mass exodus because you couldn't control that itch. Banned for ban avoidance. As if that is at all possible. Team killing the team killers so that the rest of the server would do well is a criminal act – I accept that ban with pride. Yet, you were told why verbally over the coms. Yet still allow them instigators to game on - shameful.


So it shouldn't come to any surprise to you when someone asks if you've taken that cock from out of your ass. You boys are masters of stupid and you act like molested quire boys


This is what I think of your bans _,!,,


Oh, how hard is it just to get a person without listening to egotistical stammering idiot attempting to call me UrbanFucklore - As if that's insulting. Who were you protecting? That's right that feeble minded tard who kicked a friend off the server under the excuse of AFK. Then he jumped right in on that slot and proceeded to mess up the entire game. Then under the guise of a bug he restarted the server and then raced for the UAV only to blow the dam things up on the runway and then log. No double standards here!


Do I have this on video! YES!


Next time when setting the precedent try not to look like the fucking clowns. I'd of shown respect but you give very little.


best hit the delete button and ban me from this shit hole of a site as well.


It's all you can do!


Banned on TS after being pathetically abused by admin/owner. Laughable!


Grow some nutz squeaks!

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Doesn't sound like us, are you 100% sure this was our server? We are the original creators of the I&A mission and more than 100 other communities use our mission. We regularly have people appear who aren't actually on our servers. Please PM me the video and I'll investigate for you.


EDIT: Well now that would make sense, it's because it's all lies :rolleyes:

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UrbanFolklore, You seem to be a child, that has yet to grow up. Admin he Do make mistakes, And some refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.

In your case, Grow up and learn from your mistakes, Attacking the ahoyworld staff is not needed as they are only doing what they volunteered to do, and that is to keep the servers and the community free from ass-hats like you.

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46 minutes ago, PERO said:

One of our members always says: "If you are angry/annoyed/pissed off, take a walk.


True, true, true @PERO. But im affraid it wont work in this case. He wants it this way. Theres no intention to get it sorted. The only intention i can see is a (failed) attempt to insult.


This is a scream for attention, like kids do. They feel alone and/or not heard, so they go for th easiest form of attention: negative attention. Once they start raging they know they're not going to be ignored. The more we reply, the more his mental needs are satisfied. Like feeding a ...oh well, you know.


Close this thread, ban him from everything, he had his moment of fame.


PS: i hereby nominate this post as best failed ban appeal 2016.


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*cracks finger* *shouts "Let`s do this!"*

I'm cracking up because of the next quote!

Note: I only read the first couple of senteces of your post, then decide the rest is a waste of time.

"sentences"  A perfect acknowledgement of your ignorance. Yet you'll never understand your issues because you don't face them!

I was banned under the laughable circumstance of "ban avoidance".  Any idiot would laugh at that shiit because that judgment is befitting of a retard. You don't explain your action only imply it's wrong. You've never stated why it's wrong other than it's wrong. how on earth did you fucking come up with the conclusion that I was attempting to avoid a ban? In reality I pressed ALT F4 because I have had enough of your server and it's TEAM KILLING IDIOTS.


Look at the narrative you've encourages your divine followers. I fart in your general direction and wipe my arse with your nose.


You'd rather throw out labels and dam people because you are by definition acting like a retard.


try getting to know people before judgement!






Look at what you protect!





So take your judgments and shuv them!

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These videos are completely pointless. They have nothing to do with why you got banned or the bad administration you are alleging. However I personally have a teamspeak conversation saved where you tried to become abusive towards me. Talking a whole lot of shit with no intention of attempting to work anything out. My favorite part is when you said you would never sign up on the forums. Yet, here you are. Trying to play victim when you are anything butt. Please seek help for you anger issues. There is no place in this community for attitudes like yours. Wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the first one you have been kicked out of. It must be hard to go through life with so much anger. Seriously, seek counseling.

I'll pray for you.

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I am gonna point out again, we have mechanism to report players/admins. You had a chance to post a ban appeal, which you denied.


Those videos mean nothing to me, the 1st one even shows you teamkilling, altough its clearly stated in rules you are not allowed to retaliate. 2nd one just show how big of a foul language you have. Is the 3rd one supposed to show you having some special kills? Anyone can kill bots like that.


Cool story bro, see ya around! Oh wait, no we won`t, goodbye!

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Judging by the tone and language in wich you speak i'd say you probably entered the world in prisontime or something like that and still havent grown up.

People like you are whats wrong with the world and are a waste of time to be dealing with cause in the end youll just stay the arrogant SOB that you are.

I never have probs with the admins and thats for 1 reason pal, attitude, the type of wich you got NON of it....


I feel sorry for you :/


i suggest its better to close this topic but hey, i'm not the one to decide.


Good job on the admin part and the community for backing up :)

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Honestly, all you should've tried to do is just talk it out, using some proper manners.

Which by all means, looking at the way you've talked, you do not seem to have.


What it looks like to me is that you just want to get attention whether it'd be negative or positive.

Just like @PiranhA said.


Ahoyworld is an amazing community, it really is.

It is extremely friendly and overall a group of amazing people.

Yes, of course, you'll always have moments of frustration within any sort of community and you will always meet people you don't like.

But if something is bothering you, or someone is, try and sort it out.


The way you targeted admins as well as what you've posted in this topic is all just very immature.


Also, those videos you posted say absolutely nothing regarding you being banned or whatever else.

On 9/19/2016 at 1:08 PM, UrbanFolklroe said:

Do I have this on video! YES!

So get your happy ass back to the drawing board with whatever you had planned to do here as I presume you really don't have any video proof as to why you should have been banned or how admins have "abused" you.


Overall, from what I've read right here, you are a very immature kid (even if you aren't actually one you still act like it) who doesn't haven any proper understanding of how you should interact within a community like Ahoyworld's.

If even any understanding of how to interact with people on the internet.


Very, very, pathetic.


-Taxi Thomas

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Now we are starting to get mean. My apologies for that, but when ppl like yourself act the way they do, some of us can have a strong reaction to that. I vote for thread close. V

Sent from my iPhone using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.

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Okay. Might I urge our community to restrain some of the frustration towards thread starter, when his behavior suggest he ain't that old and might take all this criticism in a bad way. (As he should, but don't break him :) ) best regards vlk

Sent from my iPhone using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.

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