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I will be running a session next WEDNESDAY 8pm BST and should last around 30-40 minutes

Your time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=CTAB+Introduction&iso=20160921T2000&p1=136


This session will cover:

  • Introduction to the uses of the different devices.
  • Useful keybindings
  • CTAB in vehicles and aircraft
  • Map marking enemy and friendly positions
  • Mission planning


This session will be run on the normal gauntlet map and those that want to attend will slot into a squad that will not impact those that want to play missions as normal.


The session will be public and sign up is not required, however, there is a sign-up link for those that wish to https://goo.gl/qE2Auk

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Guest Bartlett

I like the ctab I first used it on RYKO's gamenight however I find it takes nearly a full quater of my screen is there any way to make it a bit smaller? ???

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Guest Bartlett
48 minutes ago, Colsta said:

Depends on which you're using. If you want a small one get a Micro DAGR.

Thanks I think I'll opt for that if I can in future 

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Bear in mind that you can always carry two types and access each one with Ctrl + H and Alt + H by default. I believe to have access to the minimised version in the corner of the screen it has to be in the actual terminal item slot, so put a microDAGR there and the Android device in your inventory. Open the small DAGR with H and if you need to mark things or text someone, open your Android with Alt + H. (All of this as per default, rebinding highly recommended.)


I personally find every form of cTab to be far too large and intrusive to be left open permanently, so I just check for updates every other minute.

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