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Ideas to improve the server



Some ideas to improve the server.


  • Separate spot for blackfish and CAS aircraft
  • Reworking spawn
  • More variation of mission (defend missions?)
  • Allowing sniper spotter to use ghilly suit.
  • Pilots have to show that they are proper pilots, so no people that don't know how to fly.


Please, feedback is appreciated!

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  • What do you mean by separate spot? 
  • That's not a very useful idea
  • ^^  we did have defend missions after AOs but it was removed, presumably because it was a mess/clusterfuck
  • Sniper can use ghillie suit but I agree the spotter should as well
  • That sounds a lot like white-listing slots which has been decided before that it won't happen
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  • CAS aircraft are a reward object and will therefor only spawn in the reward zone. We have had CAS aircraft on spawning in the past, but this feature was removed.
  • As I said on the other thread, there really is no rush for this as I&A 3 will bring an improved spawn.
  • We have had defense missions in the past and I'm pretty sure they are still a parameter we could toggle on at mission restart, but they were a bit of a pain in the arse.
  • Let's see what the mission maker thinks about it, but it's pretty realistic and could be implemented if you ask me.
  • We've had numerous discussions on whitelisting the pilot slots in the past, but the point is that we are a public community and everyone should be equal and offered the same 'play-'chances as anyone else; also how would one go about monitoring hundreds - maybe thousands - of people on their ability to fly.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway, always appreciated.

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I think I was a bit wrong with my first point, I meant the Buzzard (I think it is called?).

The best description I can give on the first point, is making a slot for the blackfish and the plane pilot like there are slots for normal pilots, UAV operator, etc.

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On 16-9-2016 at 8:56 PM, Cryo said:

On the map vurrently used on the EU #1 server. (Altis?)


In base, there are I believe 4 Arsenal's (by the regular spawn, the helipad, pilot spawn and by the service pad) that can be used and also at Monoball should be 1 or 2. Having arsenal's spread across the map wouldn't be very realistic either. You could always ask certain pilots to drop either an ammocrate or haul the ammo/gear you may need. There are enough willing pilots that are up for it.

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