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OPERATION ALIBI - AW Enhanced game night CAMPAIGN - Fridays 1900 GMT


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Summary: a campaign-oriented, multi-session operation in which US Army SOCOM Green Berets (code name Panther) conduct special operations in the country of N'Ziwasogo.

Session 1 date: SEPTEMBER 23, 1900GMT (1500EST)

Your time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Operation+Alibi&iso=20160923T1900&p1=0



August, 2012. The government of N'Ziwasogo has been toppled in a military coup d'etat and the armed forces have assumed control.  The military junta has established martial law.  A group of guerillas, the Front de la Liberation du N'Ziwasogo seeks to restore the government to power, but they are woefully underequipped and poorly trained.  The whole mess has made it hard for international aid to get through: the FLN were on the USA's list of terrorist groups, and the junta doesn't want any outside intervention as they commence a program of ethnic cleansing.  Unofficially the US government has made contact with the FLN and will seek to covertly back them in overthrowing the junta.



Every Friday at 1900 GMT (1500 EST) either of Copey or Ryko will run the next chapter of the campaign. First session is September 23.


Alibi is primarily an infantry mission: there are four six-man fire teams, and one 2-man command group. If a player finds a vehicle and it's necessary to fly / crew it, then they can (ie., they don't need a special role to run a vehicle - we assume these soldiers are all trained to do a little bit of everything).


There are a maximum of 26 slots available in this mission, and signups will be opened on the preceding Friday, so you'll have one week to grab a slot.  You're welcome to switch up slots, but we'd love it if people stuck to a slot through the whole campaign.  Unfilled slots will be assigned on game night on a first-come, first-serve basis.


There will be no virtual arsenal.  Your equipment and ammunition will be limited, reinforced by covert air supply drop when possible: your ammunition will be tracked between missions.


Mission - CHAPTER 1

Panther will insert by HALO paradrop into guerilla-controlled territory and connect with a CIA asset (code name Atlanta) on the ground.  Atlanta will guide Panther to a truck park containing supplies for the construction of a FOB, from which Panther will conduct future operations.

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Further info on the team layout because people were asking:


SKULLCOLLECTOR will be the Green Beret C/O.  Other positions will be filled in based on people's selections.



Positions in an A-Team

  • The Commanding Officer and the Warrant Officer determine the best course of action to take throughout the mission, and must be able to adapt and change plans as necessary. In addition to serving as the commanding officers of guerrilla and insurgent armies assembled by the A-team they may also advise foreign leaders and officials.
  • Intelligence and Operations Sergeants gather and analyze intelligence on conditions in foreign territories the A-Team occupies and on the enemy. They are also charged with outfitting the detachment with the supplies and equipment they need.
  • Communications Sergeants are in charge of the sophisticated communications equipment the team carries. They are also the soldiers who relay any information gathered by the Intelligence Sergeants back to Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The Communications Sergeant may also be responsible for carrying out any Psychological Operations (PSYOP) related to broadcasting.
  • Medical Sergeants are equipped to perform field surgery, set up hospitals, offer healthcare to local peoples, and care for the health needs of the detachment. In addition to the regular training each receives as a Green Beret, the Medical Officers receive an additional 10 months of medical training.
  • Weapons Sergeants are trained not only in weapons used by the American military, but are also experts in the weapons in use in their AO. They have the ability to train others, including armies assembled by the team, in weapon use.
  • Engineer Sergeants plan the logistics of the mission. They serve as navigators and design needed structures in the field such as impromptu bridges. They are also trained in demolitions and sabotage.
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So we're fully booked with two on standby (Loggieman, KPSRadical).  Here are the slot assignments:


Five minutes before game time we begin to give slots away.  If you want to trade slots, post it up here.


I have added 10 slots for civilians, so it's possible to participate as a meat shield live spectator and add some flavour to the mission if you wish.

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1 hour ago, Inzaindabridge said:

Can we switch next week too or is it final?


I'd encourage people to stick with their roles from session to session, but obviously that's not completely possible as some people won't be consistently available.


Also keep in mind that being a comms sergeant doesn't mean you're just the guy with the radio.  You are a fully capable soldier, trained in all the same gear and such, you just also carry the long range radio and deal with radio-related tasks.

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