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Yup, I can totally relate!
For me what I needed was a new cool story game to play through.

That got me back into wanting to play games.


I highly suggest Rise of the Tomb Raider absolutely loved that game!

The gameplay feels smooth and is generally nice with some challenges here and there.

The story is quite nice and interesting.

The Graphics are AMAZING! if you can run it on some high settings of course :P.
I just really liked it. My opinion  of course


I have to say though, it's nice to not play games for a bit sometimes.

On 9/13/2016 at 5:26 PM, PiranhA said:

has to do with the nice weather, atleast for me.

This is definitely a thing, I play more games and prefer playing them if the weather sucks.

When the weather is nice I tend to play a lot less.


You could also try downloading a game that you never saw yourself playing but which your friends do play.

Make sure to play it together with them, that makes the experience a lot more fun and will also get you back into gaming.


If you don't have friends to play games with there's always us at Ahoy.

Just join a random custom created channel by someone on the TS and see what they are doing (Preferably someone you know on Ahoy, others might not really want you to join, but I for sure know many love it when people join).

If they're playing a game which sounds good or alright to you go ahead and play it together with them.


-Taxi Thomas

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