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Saving loadouts

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i was wondering why the loadout saving system is still bugged? Around six months ago we had the same issue and i see that it is not fixed by now.

What's causing the problem and how to avoid not being able to load any saved loadouts? Which gear not to include in your saved loadouts?

And is someone working on this thing? I know Ryko used to work on this problem but i'm not aware of any outcome on the situation.


Grts Lex

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Quick update: 49a has a problem with the arsenal. We are working to fix this as soon as possible. For the meantime moderators and staff are placing full arsenals for you. If one has not been placed, please ask a staff member nicely if they could place one for you, or run with the default loadout.




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Altis 49C is on the server now, and it's looking like the Arsenal is finally in the right place.


1) Now that we're using XLA FixedArsenal, you can load ANY loadout you have saved, rather than incompatible loadouts being greyed out.  The huge delay from when you clicked "load" is gone.  The downside is of course that any blacklisted or unavailable gear is simply not loaded (there is a report of what didn't load).

2) Role-specific loadouts now work properly.

3) There is a bit of juggling around TFAR radios.  Right now you spawn with a TFAR radio, but if you open the arsenal, the one you spawn with will be removed from your inventory.  There is a simple reason for this: when you spawn, you're given a unique radio ID (think of it like having PRC-152 #21) and if you save your loadout with this radio, it's possible that you can load it back in the future when someone else already has #21.  If the two of you have the same radio#, problems ensue.  Just make sure you take a new radio when you're in the arsenal. Saving the loadout should  work; it should give you the base class radio, which is whitelisted, and then you'll get a proper ID when you leave the arsenal.  "should"

4) Quick load and quick save features should work.  "should".

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