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Ahoy Coin Update


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We've been hard at work here at Ahoy World trying to perfect our Ahoy Coin system. You may have noticed a few changes over the past week or two (and probably had a couple of problems solved by our staff) and we hope that everything should now start to smooth out.


To let you know what's going on, below is a changelog showing you what we've changed recently. The main point is that we've slightly rejigged the way you earn Ahoy Coins. Due to some abuse of the system, we've had to take measures to ensure that Ahoy Coins are earned fairly, so here's what we've done:

  • Ahoy Coins are no longer earned by creating topics. This helps us filter out topics obviously created purely for the generation of Ahoy Coins
  • Replying to a topic gives you ~3 Ahoy Coins, dependent on what you're replying to (Ahoy+ Subscribers will get double)
  • Having people reply to a thread you have created will give you 1 Ahoy Coin (Ahoy+ Subscribers will get double)
  • Ahoy+ Subscribers receive double Ahoy Coins for every action, including purchasing Ahoy Coins with money
  • Ahoy Shop now processes all purchases within five minutes (actions such as logging in, going to bed or respawning will also trigger the purchase to instantly process)
  • Various permission-based packages are now available such as the ability to swim through lava, breathe underwater and be immune to fall damage
  • Purchasing multiple items from the store will now provide you with only one private message (previously you would receive a PM for every item you purchased

What do you think of the changes so far? What else can we improve to make the system better?

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