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Hi folks,

As my title suggests I am 73 years young. I have seen my grandson playing CoD games on his playstation consul and became inspired to try these on my high spec PC. I now have most of CoD games after playing CoD Black Ops my first game of this series. I subsequently became a friend to a chap called Equilibrium through Steam. One day recently I got usual popup from Steam saying Equilibrium was playing Arma 3. I thought I would investigate what Arma 3 was, what a surprise I got when I purchased Arma 3 Apex, best game ever played. Have played the tutorials and watched Luetin09 YouTube tutorials, this guy deserves a medal. I have a slight problem, because I am old school and not gaming literate I need to know how to use my mic on line in multiplayer to communicate with other players, I would be most grateful is some of you learned boffins could steer me in the right direction. Another minor problem is I cannot see Ahoy World servers in the on line server library as shown in Luetin09 videos, also there is slight differences of on screen footage, is this because I have Apex version.

Best regards Alan Whitehouse

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Hi and welcome.


Assuming your mic is plugged in and set as the default recording device then its simply a case of pressing the right buttons to activate it in game. By default this is caps lock, you hold to talk and release when you've finished talking. To switch channels you press the comma (,) key, best to only speak in direct, vehicle or squad chat, do not speak in global, side and command.


There are a lot of ways to find the server you can load them all and then filter by mission type, that way all I&A servers will be listed together and scroll through them, or go to the search function and typing ahoyworld in the host box should do the trick. Once you have been on a server, you can hit recent servers and it should display.


Alternately IP Port 2302 (this is Altis) / IP Port 2402 (this is Tanoa/Apex required)




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Hello Gamerbug,

thanks for the info of mic use, I have tried filter for Ahoyworld servers in left hand bottom screen as luetin09 has shown on YouTube only get 2 servers that are not Ahoyworld and as I said in my post some other things do not seem to be the same as Luetin09 shows. I have Apex version could that be something to do with it.

best regards Alan

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Hello Alan,


Good to see a young mind joining ahoyworld. (Zissou not alone anymore!)

About Apex, its quite new (arma 3 celebrating its 3rd year) so thats why the screens are diffrent. Also, make sure you have your search settings correct. Maybe is searching in the filter a option, i can find it easily when i put AHOY as search results. Another option might be to just look at the list of all servers popping up, put them on alphabetical order and do some "old" fashioned eyeballing over the screen. If nothing helps, jump on teamspeak, theres so many willing to help.


GL & HF 


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Hey again.

13 minutes ago, GRANDAD73.2 OLD 4 IT said:

Is "Zissou" your real name and does that mean you are in possession of a bus pass like me.


No, its not my name. Zissou is one of the oldest most beloved staff members https://forums.ahoyworld.net/profile/2539-zissou/ 

I have no bus pass and never will have one, as i dont use public transport.

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