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Another cannon fodder enlisting :P


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Hi everyone. I'm Gimanel aka Aleks. I'm a glorious (jk) pc gamer from Poland who just discovered this community and that made me very excited. I love Arma, airsoft and semi serious milsim. I would love to join you guys on the AO's across all Arma 3 maps and go to battle with you. I am hoping to be good addition to the community and I'll do my best despite being pretty new to this (by this I mean being a part of Arma 3 community that plays military ops and such) but I am no stranger to chain of command and some military terms and behaviours.


And I already have a question, I made account I am downloading EU 1 & 2 mods repository. What next ? How do I join operations ? Or do I need to do a test or training first ?

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Eu1 / eu2 are vannila so require no mods, however you can use some client side mods. With eu3, jump on with all the mods and hopefully a eu3 veteran or somebody who knows what they are doing will help you get to grips with things.

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