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Tim Price


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In-game name when banned: Tim Price

banned by raz33/VON Spam,TK banned by raz33/VON Spam,TK

Why do you think you were banned? About 1,5 years ago me and a few friends played alot on EU3. it was late in the night, after everyone logged of me and my friend (erik boterbloem, or Mike Price im not sure what his name was back then) Were fucking around a bit on the spawn. Apperantly someone was still in the server and reported us. Back when we played on EU3 we sometimes indeed were a bit annoying after a operation ended for example.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? After we both got banned we quit playing arma 3 milsim in general, since there was no server like this really, only private milsim units. Now after about a year we were looking to play milsim again. We learned from our ban, and understand we were very annoying back then, behaving like annoying kids. Alot of people that played EU3 back in those days that played alot with me and mike know we can be serious when we are in a mission, and in the year we took a break from Ahoyworld we changed alot. We realized there isnt time to troll around when playing a game that is aiming to be a military simulation.

Which administrator banned you (if known): The ban reason shows raz33, if i remember correctly his name was razgrid

When were you banned: 1,5 years ago

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I`ve been checking our logs and all entries about you (and Mike Price). It seems you both (with a couple of others) have been messing around a lot. Although you have been given warnings, you kept going down that path. It ended with a ban.


I believe the ban should stay in place, behaviour like that has no place in our community. You`ve had your chances, you blew them. Staff has lost quite a lot of nerves dealing with you lot and I think we won`t be going through that again.


Good luck finding a new community to play with.


Ban appeal DENIED.



Community Referee

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