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FAO All EU3 AWE Players: Acre, Radio Issues, etc.

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Let me first start off with a big thank you to all of our players from the EU3 AWE team. We really appreciate your continuing support, especially when we roll out big updates and experience some issues with it. Also I need to say a big thanks for the constant feedback being given to us on how these changes are affecting things on server, keep it coming.


However, I have to address a specific issue withing this post, Acre. This is a public service announcement, so to speak, as well as a request.


Before you connect to EU3 AWE next time:


1. Make sure you have Acre updated to the new, correct version (2.2). This includes the teamspeak .dll files.

2. Make sure you have TFAR deactivated. Acre and TFAR conflict, causing lots of bugs.


And please, make sure you check!


If you still experience issues please post them in this thread. Include what this issue was, who it affected, what you were doing, what they were doing, and any other relevant information. As well as this please include the version with sub-release (press j ingame and the mission file name will tell you). The current version is 48C. 


To keep you updated with what we are doing to try and tackle the radio issues currently being faced, we will post any updates specific to Acre, in this thread, so keep an eye on it. As of the time of writing we have amended a setting within 48D so that radio antenna directions are ignored with regard to interference. In addition to this radios are now only available from the arsenal, within the miscellaneous tab of inventories. The static radio box has been removed. 


Sub-release 48D will be activated on the server shortly.


We are aware of a specific issue regarding the radios and boats, please continue to use the boats, and if this error occurs again after performing the above mentioned actions, post it!


Again, Thanks for your continuing cooperation and support,



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An update to the current status of radio MODs on EU3 AWE.

As many of you are aware there are issues with Acre 2.2 that are currently plaguing our server. We are trying to come up with solutions to the many issues that are being reported to us, as well as the issues we ourselves are experiencing on server. This is not something we intend to cease, however, we are exploring other avenues of entirely negating the issues being faced.

To this end, this post is an announcement of our intention to begin testing of Gauntlet 48, sub-release E. This sub-release features the TFAR MOD instead of Acre. Initially the testing is to confirm TFAR’s viability with the current total modset, as well as identifying any major bugs. This testing will be conducted on the EU3 server at some point either this weekend, or through the coming week. This means players can expect to see some downtime of EU3 from public operations. The current intended test group for 48D is set out as all staff, moderators and EU3 AWE Veterans. It is entirely voluntary for these people to take part in testing and it is not our intention to open up the testing to the full player base at this time. Depending on the outcome of this initial testing further testing may be conducted in the public domain. Please do not request access to the testing process if you are not one of the invited groups already mentioned. Depending on the availability of players, people may be individually asked to join a test to boost numbers.

Please do not mistake this notice of intended testing as us saying we are switching to TFAR at this time. There will be a full testing procedure before any decision on a switch is made.


With regard to the vote put to players a little while back, we are taking this into account in our decisions moving forward, however our primary focus is to provide a server that has a significantly reduced number of bugs, specifically relating to the radios. At this moment in time this is the main driving factor in our decision making, and believe that this is in the best interest of the server. We have tried our best to integrate Acre, however it has given problem after problem from day one, as well as major issues any time we perform a large update, or the MOD is updated. The majority of Ryko’s time is no longer spent on developing and innovating Gauntlet, but rather repairing Acre within our mission files, trying to fix the endless list of bugs it produces. When working with MODs in Arma it is common place to face issues, however the sheer volume at the moment is unacceptable. We are working with developers at other communities, to identify what may be causing our current issues, however, we have reached the point where we are going to have to start pulling apart the modpack to identify what may be causing the issues. Our best guess at the time of writing is how one MOD interacts with another, may be problematic to Acre, causing the issues we are seeing on server. Unfortunately, this is something extremely hard to identify, and then troubleshoot.

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I dont know if its been reported but Ive numerously had an issue where, after turning my 152 to speakers, I cannot hear any messages sent however messages sent by me can be heard by other users. Interesting side note is people in range of the 152 speakers CAN hear the messages. To fix this I droped the radio ON speakers for someone else to pick up and change it OFF speakers and give it back, then it functions properly.

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