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Reporting in!


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Hello everyone!  I'm super new to ARMA.  I played through most of the single player campaign, and almost all of the VR training, but that's literally all the experience I have.  I joined in a bit of fun on server... 1 I think, very early this morning. (1am onward in the US)  It was a hella lot of fun.  A player named Clintwood helped me out a LOT.  Thanks again, dood.


I came to this community because of Luetin's videos.  Not because his videos are good, which they are, but because it really did seem like a great place for someone new to the game who wants PvE and co-op play.  Which I very much am SUPER into.  I really dislike PvP.  Eventually I want to join a milsim team.  Even though I still don't know all the terms I'm suppose to yet.


ANYWHO, I live in the US, and I work a full time job that has awful hours.  So I'm going to be on at weird times, and not on Sundays.  So hopefully I can join you on the fun!

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8 hours ago, fir_nev said:

It was a great short session with U... If U want to have a greater experience in AW, download the mods required for EU3 using ARMA3SYNC.


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Dun think it's good for U to mention other milsim units/clans here...


Where can I find those mods?  I searched the threads about EU3, and got a list, but I don't see any mention of ARMA3SYNC.  How does that work?



Sorry.  I didn't realize they had a unit in this community, actually!  That's awesome.  When I git gud, I will apply to it!


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