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How to: MOD and Map Requests


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This sub-forum of AWE is to be used specifically for requesting new modifications (MODs) or Maps. Please do not post them into the general area, as they will either be moved into here, or removed. The aim of putting them all in one place is so that it is easier for you, and us, to see what has been requested, and where in the process of discussing it we are with them.


There are going to be some very simple rules to follow when making a request.


1.     Name the MOD or MAP

2.     Describe what it does, or how you see it working

3.     Provide a Steam-link or Bi-Thread to the request (if available or applicable)

4.     Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it


These are the 4 categories you need to cover when posting a request.


After initially posting a request form it will be looked over by one of us in the steering committee, and if we feel it is worthy of community wide discussion, it will be approved for public consultation. Following this your request will have a 2 week period to be responded to by the community. This may mean that requests are either denied, or approved, without community discussion.

Depending on what is said by the community, moderators and steering committee, a decision will be made as to whether or not this request will be fulfilled.


When responding to a request during the 2 week phase, please keep posts concise, on topic with a clear yes, no or maybe at the end of it. OR, you can add reputation to the original request. Staff can reply at any time during the process.


Please fill out this form to submit a mod/map request:



We reserve the right to change this process without notice, and to deny requests, with reason, as appropriate.

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I have added a form link to this post, in light of recent staff changes we have decided that the process will remain the same though to allow all staff the access needed we have changed slightly how we handle the initial step. the post above is accurate but all requests should now go through the form. 

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