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Since I didn't see anything via a quick forums search, I wanted to make this thread for people to show off what they've made; everyone deserves a little self-promotion. This can be anything you're proud of or just something you want some feedback on. So, I'll start things off:


I love making videos about Earth and space. I'm currently working on one space video now, which will probably still take a while to finish; I hate recording on a computer that can't handle it. But, the two I have done are below, plus a trailer I edited for Battlefield 2 Project Reality.












Additionally, I just wrapped up making a neat sound effect that might be nice in a gamenight (thinking I might create one for you guys if I ever get experienced enough with Zeus/Ares/Eden/AnyOtherReligiousFigureBecauseApparentlyArma3DevsLikeMythology):




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