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Next Ahoyworld Enhanced Training night: AUGUST 20, 1800GMT


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Next Ahoyworld Enhanced training night is AUGUST 20 at 1800 GMT



BASIC TRAINING: goes for approximately an hour, including the following topics:

  1. Introduction - what it means to play on EU3 - how it's different from EU1 / other servers - what we expect from players.
  2. Radios - how to use ACRE - how to communicate well & efficiently - understanding how & why the radios work.
  3. Working as a team - formations, movement, cover, battle buddies, chain of command.
  4. ACE medical - how to treat your own injuries - how to help a medic (or other team members) treat another team members' injuries effectively.


We usually wrap up with the cover course or kill house, followed by an impromptu game night.



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Obviously we hope to see everyone who has not yet had the pleasure of experiencing the stupendously awe-inspiring and magnificent spectacle that is Introduction to EU#3.


If you've already gone through it, you are as always welcome to attend the training itself, and anything else you might wanna do will be catered to by Zeus, under the strict guideline that it not interfere with the scheduled training.

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