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OP-Alamo 8/17

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OP-Alamo (8-17-16) 17:00 EDT 22:00 BST, EU3


After being defeated by CTRG and the Syndicate double cross CSAT has almost been completely driven off Tanoan except for a large group that has taken control of Linjhaven and in a bold move captured key Syndicate leaders. CTRG wanting to be able to claim complete anonymity to the situation have left with haste. NATO has been contacted and the USMC stepped to the plate to destroy all remaining enemy forces and rescue the Syndicate leaders. 


Standard Mods+ Apex





ASL and BSL with Medics 







Longshot(Two man sniper team)


Stalker(Fire team with advanced gear to combat CSAT SF)






There will be no re-spawns and you will be sent to spectator on death, and no JIP. Apex is an obvious requirement. Set loadouts (AT4s, Meds, and Optics will be available). Special consideration will be made for Talon, CMD Zeus and Longshot.


Checking your fire on civilians is necessary. Also, depending on the successful of rescuing the civilians and the Syndicate leaders, Syndicate may be inclined to help you permanently rid of CSAT ;). 


Sign up:



Mission file 

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4 hours ago, Mascant said:

Sorry I have to withdraw, with the updated time frame it gets too late for me. Have fun. 


As far as I recall it's always been at this time. It is indeed quite late for the general EU3 population.

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