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Hello. As you may know they now made it so that you have to pay for the facetracking program FaceTrackNoIR. And since my bank is stupid im unable to buy the  product since im youunger than 16 and my bank set that rule up. In other words. You can't buy shit from certain internet pages. So im wondering if someone maybe could setup a Dropbox with the installer in it and help your AW brother in need. Thanks in advance ;). P.S If this post isn't allowed please remove it!

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Not sure about asking for ilegal copies of sw in here but when i tested it some year ago it was horrible. No matter how hard i tried i was not able to get fluid movement. It jittered and stuttered. Not worth a penny if you ask me.


Also, welcome to the AW forum kid!



grumpy dad

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Chippy. You can always, at your own risk, try to find a member in the same country as you and transfer money to him in return for the program.

Cebi, it works for me, but the head movement feels way way way too unnatural for me, that and how you have to sit perfectly centered in front of the screen. I spice up the way I sit all the time so it's never accurate. It feels like I'm getting a sore neck at how force you need to move your head to accomplish anything.

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