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Custom Items - Throw Ideas At Us



Hello there, chums!


I've been toying with the idea of custom items being implemented into the server. These items would possess useful enchantments and abilities and be purchasable using Ahoy Coins. Some may even be craftable but only usable if a member is a subscriber.


Anyway, if we were to implement such a system (which would definitely fling a lot more creativity into the mix), we'd need ideas. So, throw them at me. What can you think of that would be pretty darned cool? Any enchantment is obviously possible, so instead try to think of interesting abilities such as teleportation and the like.


Here's a couple of examples I mocked up today.

  • Torque Bow: A bow made from string and blaze rods. Wherever the fired arrow lands, a huge explosion triggers.
  • Falling Feather: As delicate as a feather, survive even the most daunting fall while holding this item.
  • Riot Control Baton: Tell your enemies to get back with this stick with serious knockback.
  • Blassst Mask: Creepers might be annoying, but they sure know how to make bomb-proof gear. Put on this Creeper head and be immune to explosions!
  • The Scythe: Bring a little bit a grimness into your life. This hoe does low damage, but will sap life from your enemy's health into yours!
  • Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog: Everything comes from an egg in the world of Minecraft, right? Throw this egg at your enemies and instantly kill whatever it hits!
  • The Magic of Christmas: These snowballs will teleport you to wherever they land.
  • Brick of Anger: Ever felt so angry that you've just hit something with a brick? Using this one, anything will break.

So please, let your imagination run wild and inspire us to start making new items! :)

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  • A.R.T not-quite-stable fission rod: Convert any block into lit dynamite, then run.
  • A.R.T compact matter re-arranger: Convert any non-precious block into any other non precious block, got stacks of pesky dirt? Make it useful by converting it to stone bricks!
  • A.R.T entry shield: Prevent access to your private parts, place the entry shield in your home and trespassers will automatically be beamed somewhere else, we aren't quite sure where, but if it's anywhere other than your home we've done our job!
  • WTF: This egg will produce absolutely any game item or npc at random when thrown. You could get a diamond or a witch, great for birthday parties!
  • Where am I?: Lost? wave the magic wand and glow stones will light your path home!
  • Glue: Prevent pesky cave ins, suspend gravity affected blocks by gluing them in place.
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CALAMITY JANE - A magic sword that when you hit an enemy player in pvp they are teleported at least 100 hundred blocks away

Protector block - place this on under your door or around the perimeter of your zone and any enemy that stands on it will die and drop there inventory, maybe be able to set it so that friends don't die:)

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