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Arsenal loadout problem fix!

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So I don't know how many of you guys were getting this problem where, after making a loadout in the arsenal, you would proceed to save it and then continue with the AO / briefing etc. however when returning to the arsenal at some point you would find that this loadout you previously made cannot be loaded and is greyed out despite being made using the missions blacklisted arsenal.


This happened to me and a few others and severely slowed down the AO preparation and gearing process for causing many problems for others as well us as we would have to completly make our loadouts there and then.


I recently discovered that this problem is seemingly related to the new RHS scope system where (in the ESC RHS menu) you can select between RHS scopes being 2D, 3D or PiP (picture in picture, the same as mirrors in Arma 3). I think this causes the issue as I think that when you select a standard RHS scope (ACOG M150 for example) it changes that exact scopes specifications to that of your RHS optic options which may not be supported in the arsenal, so if you save your gear with this scope specification you cannot load this gear again.


There are a few fixes for this problem as of now, one being to save your loadouts without scopes and then attach the scope after, another being to not use RHS scopes or finally to simply not use scopes at all.


I dont know how many of you knew about this but it certainly helped me so I figured it could help others.


Good luck hope it works for you!


- Johnson



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Actually I already posted this bug some weeks ago


The reason is actually simple, the solution not so much:


The script currently used in the missions to limit the weapons/items in Arsenal for specific roles, has a list of all allowed weapons and items. These will show up in Arsenal without any problems.

However, if you add attachments to your weapon (eg. an optic), the class name of that weapon changes (since now it's weapon + optic) and that class name is not whitelisted.


To "fix" this, either the whitelist must be extended with all the possible combinations of attachments (although not sure how this works with addons like RHS), or BI needs to create a fix for this so it's possible to whitelist based on base class (and automatically allow all combinations of attachments).



A workaround for us is to create the desired loadout in Arsenal, get out of Arsenal and open the inventory, move all the attachments to your vest and/or backback (so you only have the base weapon), and then go back to Arsenal and save the loadout.

This will ensure that the whitelisted base weapon is saved.


You just have to make sure you re-attach the attachments after you load a loadout.

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Great work guys. I should add that 47B has a new loadout feature called quicksave / quickload. Essentially after you've created a loadout you quicksave it with a new ace self interaction item while you're near the arsenal. Nose when you respawn you will automatically load that kit, assuming you stay in the same role. Also you can quickload your saved kit when you come back from an op to refresh all your gear.


I'm not super jazzed about adding all the rhs combined weapons classes to the whitelist because I'd have to get those one by one out of the config viewer. If someone wants to do that for me, I'm happy to add the classes.


- R

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The base class of the weapon isn't a problem but when you add attachments I gather rhs changes the entire weapon class name to something that includes all the attachments. These combo weapon class names aren't included in the whitelist thus the loadout is disqualified when you bring up your list of loadouts.


Johnson has it absolutely right: save your loadout weaponry with the attachments separated and in your uniform, vest or backpack and you'lol be golden.

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