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Question about TS avatars and the rules behind them

Kyle Clements

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So, I was playing a Luetin mission (Friday I think) and in the EU 4 channel Chuck (I think, my mind is like a sieve :P) asked me to remove my avatar. I, of course, did it. But then I wondered why. Now I will admit that it was a little dark but I didn't think it was that bad. So I was thinking whether their are a set of rules dictating avatars that I simply haven't seen. And if not, then could I recommend you write some up as some people find some things offensive that others simply don't. (of course racism and other such things are quite blatant). 

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It's included in the first rule. 


1.1.1.       AhoyWorld is a welcoming community that respects its members and visitors. We expect everyone to maintain this environment and will take action against those who jeopardise that community spirit. Admins reserve the right to warn/kick/ban users whose behaviour is deemed disruptive or aggressive and not conducive to a place of tolerance/friendship/comradery. Whether behaviour is disruptive or not will be determined on a case-by-case basis on the judgment of the admin/admins present.

You could argue that it doesn't mention usernames, channel names, group names, avatars or xml logos ingame specifically but is much more general and that's to aid the running of the community if we have a rule for usernames and avatars someone might join eu1 create a in game group name that's not acceptable, then could complain that it wasn't in the rules. 

I'll admit that there is a variance of what's acceptable amongst the admin team and that's to be expected given the variation in life experiences we've all had. 

Good rule of thumb is if it's done to elicit a reaction or its something you'd not use in front of your mother than don't. In any case the person is always asked to change it unless it's way out of line. Where that line is up to each admin. 

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