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What is the EU3 repo update schedule?

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I don't know about others but I have heard of a schedule for Eu3 repo updates but never really knew when it was, which means the right time to suggest mods and serious changes has been left kinda ambiguous. Seeing as though there is a new committee heading EU3 I though that this might kinda be a little talking point for the forums and the committee to start with.


Thanks, Ben

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There hasn't been a set schedule.  Somehow we always manage to do repo updates around the time Bohemia does a game update, causing massive hilarity and stress for untold numbers of people.


As far as I'm concerned repo updates will be on par with any other action item - the addition of new MODs will be discussed, as well as updating current and removing old MODs, and when we're confirmed on a repo update we'll notify the player base with a target date and do it on that date.  Advanced users who don't rely on the repo (ie., they download the MODs themselves) could download files in advance of a repo update for better download speed.


Thanks for bringing this up.  It's been on my mind.


- R

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Well, if there's nothing to update, then it doesn't make sense to schedule an update and then not do it.  All I can suggest is that we'll try to be better about giving people notice about upcoming repo changes - both the content and the timing - which we haven't been great at in the past.


- R

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Repo Updates are done around major Mod update's or server updates 


That means we cant make a schedule because we roughly dont know when those update's come true (beside gameupdate's)


but even a small game update might break a mod 


On the otherside with the repo update is its not always going the way we want straight on thats also why we never realy gave a heads up when we are updating 

The server needs to be up and running before you guys start to spam the living shit out of the repo otherwise it will break.


So iff you notices a server shut down and a repo change wait dont instantly go and smash that update button but wait untill the server is back up,

or go to Armaholic and download the bigger mods yourself


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