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AW Enhanced Steering Committee

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After several years of being involved with EU3, Christiansen has moved on to spearhead the realism unit on EU6 (AHOSEC - now being called the 124th Marines). This has left a void in AhoyWorld Enhanced in terms of direction and development.  In order to create a sense of direction and accountability, and to make sure the direction of the Enhanced community is not led by a single person, we are instituting a three-person steering committee.


This committee will be staffed by Ryko, SkullCollector and Hobnob.


While the steering committee will be ultimately responsible for deciding the format, direction and style of the Ahoyworld Enhanced experience, this will not be done in isolation.  Rather, the committee will collate requests and suggestions from AWE players and staff and push them through discussion on the AhoyWorld Forum.  The forum will be the central hub for the discussion and decisions relating to all changes to the Ahoyworld Enhanced format.


The Steering Committee will address questions of new game MODs, new maps, and alterations to the format of the mission(s) played on the Enhanced server.  Any player or staff member can bring an issue up for discussion.  A member of the steering committee will assign a date in the future where discussion will be concluded, and a decision will be taken at that time.  This date will be a minimum of two weeks.  Some issues may be decided immediately if they are significantly contrary to the intention of the experience.  While discussion of any issues raised is encouraged across all players and staff, ultimately, the steering committee will decide on how these issues will be addressed.


For greater clarity, the Steering committee has no supervisory authority over other AhoyWorld Moderators and Admins: their role is specifically related to the direction and implementation of the AhoyWorld Enhanced experience.  Rules enforcement will still be conducted by all Moderators and Admins, and any arbitration of bans still goes through the regular community process.

For further information, please direct any questions to Ryko, SkullCollector and Hobnob.

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Please welcome with me our latest addition to the Steering Committee: Hobnob!


As of yesterday and after some deliberation, Hobs has joined Steering as a player and our third member.

We felt that a regular player's perspective could positively help us steer this ship and directly link to the goings-on of the server.


That is all.



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