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enemy Air @ v2.86L

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Since playing I+A v2.86L it came to my notice that enemy air threats are barely any harm anymore ... you get the occasional jet strafing base 90% less than before (not rly a bad thing) - but i have yet to get engaged by air on my runs to missions/general travel.

The enemy choppers guarding AOs do mostly just circle AOs without really engaging to kill/harm and are (to) easy to take out.

On before versions i fired usually 6 Titan AA´s per AO to cut enemy air threats - on current version i barely use 1-2,sometimes there s not even any need of carrying AA at all.

Also,the nublet pilots on EU1 face barely any interruption in their flight lessons - because way to less enemy fighter patrols (currently patroling AO in a 2k radius,then vanish) - which also makes working on radiotower to stop jet spawns basically a waste of time as no consequences have to be faced if radiotower is not taken out in time.


Therefor i suggest reverting enemy CAS behaviour/spawn rate back to  <v2.86L



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Flying is less challenging and Buzzard is superfluous now (on EU2 it got removed a month ago). Pilots tend to joyride AA jet and when enemy CAS spawns they most of the time can't engage it quick enough to prevent strafing run. Playing hide and seek and tag game with AI jets was fun.



If I look at it from the perspective of infantery, then everything seems fine. There is now no risk of being blown to bits by enemy Jets while travelling in a helicopter. If you don't get near enemy Kajman or armed Orca then you are safe while riding in a tank. 




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Playing with enemy Buzzard was fun for exactly 1 person on server = the BLUfor Buzzard pilot.

Rest of the server population was just enjoying respawns (sometimes it was pretty bad on low-pop EU2).


I agree though, that enemy Orca/Kajman has became somehow docile at least on EU2, not sure why.

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is this being worked on or is it even up to debate?

Enemy CAS is still nearly non-existend outside of AO+2k and driving a armored vehicle never was so easy as current version.

If this keeps up we can safely delete the base AA script + installation ...


Im quite unhappy with the current way of development on this matter.

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That's a real shame because in it's current state, there is barely any need to fly the buzzard.

The jets that come in for gun runs despawn by the time you can get on their tail and the only other possible target is a single enemy helo which has a 50% chance of spawning for each AO.

That's like one target every 30 mins - 1 hour.


Although it had it's issues, I'd take the old system over this.

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I dont expect you to fix this NOW - i had the nxt mission update ( 2.86L ) in mind,im not trying to rush anything here ...

And i really could care less about the joy of the famous jet pilots about their missing target practice,i m more interested in keeping a certain "fear" by enemy air patrols that keeps you on your toes on travels (Chopper,Vehicles,Tanks).



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I'm currently giving out a warning to not engage ground targets every half an hour on average. 95% of all takeoffs in the AA Buzzard either get shot down by enemy ground to air while joyriding, or land/crash after they engage ground and receive the warning. From a rules enforcement perspective, it's an annoyance at best.

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