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Hello Wolrd

Horny Bushman

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Hello Guys,


well i am here to introduce my self and to enhance my and yours Arma 3 game experience. I hope we gonna get along together on Ahoy world servers. I am passionate Arma 3 player with real military experience. Playing Arma series since Arma 3 Alpha release. I also like to make amateur missions but usually i lack people ( usually less then 5 ) to play with. Mods i like : Invade an annex (will never forget my first experience in alpha when i put first boot on the ground on Stratis Island on Ahoy Servers; Wasteland and so on. 


I am professionally IT guy (Windows Server environment, networking, win xp,7,8,8.1,10, Security and hardware) so if someones needs anything  feel free to ask :D


Happy hunting to all :D




I have will to donate but at this time i don't have spare money however i have computer with I5 4 gb of RAM ddr3 on 1.600MHz and with internet speeds of 20/3 so if you need machine i am willing to donate it for your purposes.



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What a name (lol)

I work at a VPN company myself ^_^ good to have more IT guys around! If you like more large scale operations, there's always Luetin's operations Monday and Friday, as well as other people hosting operations which can be found in the news and events category or the general discussion category!

Welcome to Ahoyworld, and I hope to see you in the field!



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