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In-game name when banned: TOMaHAWK [TBoC]

Why do you think you were banned? My original ban request was opened a few days after it was applied, which can be found on the forums here: http://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/4026-tomahawk/
I have re-opened my ban appeal since 12th June 2015 (when it was first issued) after speaking to Zissou who told me in Teamspeak that there might be a possibility of trying to appeal for an unban again after a long period of time has passed and 'the dust has settled' as it were.

I was banned originally for lobby-idling and taking the Littlebird and parking it so others couldn't find it if I was away for a moment. Resultantly, this was flagged up repeatedly by both players and admins who deemed these actions as understandably selfish and toxic behaviour that didn't suit the nature of the server, let alone the Arma community.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? It has now been a full year since the ban and looking back at the forum post of my ban-appeal makes me feel genuinely sick and full of remorse for what I've done. I turned people against me for my actions, as the post says: 'the decision was taken by not just me but several admins'. To give a little context, I am now at University (I was 17 when I first started playing on the AW server) and studying hard, leaving little time for games nowadays. Now Apex has been released, I've been watching some of Luetin's Zeus streams on Twitch and it's reignited some old memories of playing Invade and Annex. While my time ended with the ultimate price: paying with consequences for my actions (something I hugely neglected when I was younger), I had a fantastic time flying passengers around both Altis and Stratis, making friends with other regulars on the server (many of which I still have on Steam to this day). This is why I am re-opening this ban appeal.

I look at my younger self and feel a huge amount of embarrassment for how I treated other players, as if their time wasn't as valuable as mine; and it's utterly deplorable. I want to make things right desperately, and remembering how awful I was back then, has put a huge stain on my conscience. Even if we can't work things out fully, and I haven't persuaded you that I will be someone you can trust in the server, who is diligent in making sure he doesn't make the same immoral mistakes he made a year ago, I would at least like to speak to an admin on Teamspeak and go over some things that I'd like to say.

Again, this really does make me feel sick to the core; that I let things escalate to the place they did, and I kept pushing, pushing, pushing until I found people's eventual limits. I don't want to test people's patience, I want to play cooperatively, and properly. I have fortunately grown out of acting like such a self-centered, rude person back in those days of adolescence when I thought the world revolved around me and I was always right.

If the unban appeal is not black and white, and needs further discussion, I am more than happy to do this in Teamspeak for any extra terms (like a ban reduction to another 6-12 months, rather than a permanent ban).

This has really been playing on my mind for the past few days and I've been on the fence about how to approach this, so if you need any further information from me, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you: for taking the time to read this, and for ultimately making me realise that my younger self needed the same discipline and courtesy that I like to think I exhibit now I'm an adult.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Zissou

When were you banned: 12th June 2015

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After speaking with Zissou and reviewing all the entries we have about you, I`ve come to this conclusion:


Your ban is lifted, but it comes with a big warning sign. If any behaviour from the past repeats, the ban will be reinstated. Another thing I need to warn you about is the helicopter respawn timers have been readjusted, meaning your favourited Hummingbird takes a lot longer to respawn, so we don`t want to see you standing around doing nothing. You get flagged by BEC for lobby-idling, the ban gets reinstated as well.


Ban appeal SUCCESFUL.



Community Referee



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Hi Pero,


That is completely understandable, and I really can't thank you enough for looking into my appeal with Zissou. 


I'm going to play with much more care from now on, with a view of the bigger picture that everyone's time is as equally valuable as my time is on the server.


And I appreciate the heads up on the respawns- I'll keep that in mind and make sure I'm always busy and not wasting a slot.


Again, thank you for giving me a second chance- I really hope I can regain any lost trust from the year I've been away!


Kind regards,




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