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Anyone want to play the APEX campaign?


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11 hours ago, IOnceWasATeddy said:

Title. Tried it solo and its pretty boring and slightly difficult, will probably be better with other people.

Would be the third time I'm doing this campaign. Still wishing you the best of luck, though. You'll need it. (AI shooting through foilage.. running away from enemies.. ambush spawning..)

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6 hours ago, Liru the Lcpl. said:

fml I still havn't done the campaign either XD

If you need a battle buddy, hit me up ^^


6 hours ago, GrievingGold said:



sign me up tooooooooooo


4 minutes ago, Steevo said:

Yeah, I have another friend who would like to team up too for some more campaign content.

Any specific times? I can do any time.

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