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Weekend Event Proposal

LT Dan


Ahoy! all LT Dan here,


I have a proposal for a weekend event.


Mine Field Races!

The idea is to build a race track in which the edges of the course are lined with mines.

Objects such as signs, markers, wrecks and such would mark the edge of the track, take a turn at the wrong time and boom, your out.

vehicles could vary from the karts to the hunter, or possibly apc's.

Having AT EI could also add some spice to the race.


I would propose using the desert section of the map in the North East.


An Admin or Spartan would set up and manage the course. Possibly having a race every hour or two for a weekend.


Rewards for first, second and 3rd place could be a vehicle not normally spawned on the map. 

Could also be, giving input on the next course construction.


Another idea could be to have a corridor that the race travels down where, players are on the side of with standard Rpg's 500 or more meters out, to make it more entertaining for those who are watching.


That is my proposal.

Thoughts? Improvements? Concerns?

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59 minutes ago, Liru the Lcpl. said:

Make sure the difficulty isn't recruit either so people don't auto detect mines ;)


People do that anyway if they're close enough to them, at the speeds a kart would be doing around a corner they'd maybe get the prompt and their brain would be able to process it just after their flaming corpse has flipped out the track.


There's a difficulty setting to disable the on screen highlighting of mines though, so no red triangles, just your fleshy seeing-spheres to tell you where they are.

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