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My name is Itamar and i am very new here.

I just finished downloading all the required mods for the enhanced server, but i dont understand how some of them work.

The one i didn't at all understand is the radio mod (i think it's called ACRE) and it's very important that i do understand how it works so i can communicate and play with all of you.

So, i'm asking someone to please explain to me how this mod works and how do i use it.


Thanks you.


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Hello and welcome to AW EU3!


ACRE is fairly simple once you get behind it. As any role, you will always have a radio called AN/PRC-343, or 343 for short, which you use to talk to your team and squad around you.

First, make sure you have one in your inventory or otherwise grab one from the radio box at the arsenal. You will know where the arsenal is as that's the meeting place for most off-mission banter, so people will definitely be around it to talk you through it and help you directly.

To use it, open up its interface either by using the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Capslock, or through double-clicking it in the inventory. You should now see what looks like this: right next to the antenna you have the channel selector, and to the right of that the volume knob. You can cycle both by left-clicking to go forward, and right-clicking to go backwards. Refer to the left-hand side of the map for your squad's radio channel.

Now that you have your radio set up, use Capslock to transmit. Radio checks are important routine, so say something quick like, "radio check on the 343, channel 2," and you're fine, nothing fancy.

Remember not to mix up your Teamspeak's push-to-talk key with your radio key, as they do different things. Your Teamspeak button is used to talk to people right next to you, literally in talking / shouting distance. Your radio key is the one you can re-bind ingame, Capslock by default.


This is just the basics, because you will learn as you go and customise the mod as you like it. Keep in mind that there's always someone around, happy to help.

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