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AhoyWorld Public Repository ACRE 2 Install Help


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Hello Everyone,


In the AhoyWorld Installation Guide it talks about installing ACRE 2.  When I go and look for the @ACRE2/plugins folder in my Arma 3 directory, it is not there.  Do I need ACRE 2 for the Public Repository or just the Enhanced one?  If i do need it for the Public one and ideas of how to fix this would be very appreciated.



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If you're aiming to play on EU3, AKA Enhanced, yes you need ACRE2.

Use the Enhanced repository and the ACRE2 installer in Arma3Sync, under Tools.

These mods are required for EU3.

If your goal is to play in EU1 or 2, you don't need any mods. You can use those allowed by the servers, which are the ones in the Allowed repository.

All three servers are public, if you could specify which one you're trying to enter, it'd be easier to help you out.

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