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Following the events that unfolded during the last week with numerous allegations flying around about members of our admin team I have been working this week to bring you all a way to anonymously report any actions of our admin team that you believe crosses the line. We pledge our allegiance with you our members, and long may that continue but you need to report it right after the fact! To show this, here is the poll we had in the admin forums, the admins were all 100% in favour 11 votes to 0!







It should go without saying that abusing this function for your own personal gain are prohibited and abuse of this function may lead to the termination of your account.


You can find it under the player tab and clicking whistle, you will also find the player report function here too :)





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Hi David,


I support this admin report function but I doubt will be using this at all, personally. I trust that all our current admins are fair and competent.


We, frequent patrons of AW, should play our part too; by playing to the rules.

Of course that is the aim, but over the past week we've had people claiming that we exercise censorship when we don't like what we hear, that we threaten to ban people who ask how to become an admin and many other things, admittedly the claims are from rather unreliable sources but adding this system allows any members who do see something an outlet to report it as everyone who has talked to me will know that's definitely not what I am about. The system will also act as a self policing method as if those actions are occurring then they'll know they could be reported if they continue. All admins have supported the idea however so that should tell you something ;)

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7 minutes ago, Cebi said:

Either they all liked the idea or AW is dictatorship with generalissimos David leading it with his fists made of plutonium :-D

you forgot about that David can fly like superman and he will find you all around the world if you behave badly on AW servers 

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Yeah David I have to say this is irrelevant to me, but that's my own opinion I guess. As for the admins, the current one's that is they do a great job, they've always come to my aid when I've come across a team killer. I do trust all of our admins and their ability to handle things :). But despite that I do respect this topic.

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