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"Unofficial" Operation Ironhide Saturday 8/6/16 19:00 GMT (3:00 pm EST)

Liru the Lcpl.

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This is an unofficial and unapproved MODDED game night

So if you have a problem with it, sue me :)


Some Administrative stuff on my end:

All right guys, take 2, No more banning, and stop with the god damn advertising, please. Simply put: do it on my game nights, you'll never be in them ever again, ok? Simple. (and i'll make sure my server provider names the freaking server appropriately, I do apologize again over that silly mishap)

The events that I wasn't present for (Operation Black Jacket and Saving Private you know who) were still hosted, so I'm not rescheduling. Plenty of other events to do!

So Let's get to the briefing shall we?



MODS NEEDED: CBA, ACE (It will be set to basic for medical), ASR_AI3
Optional mods: Blastcore


Operation Ironhide
Do you guys remember that CSAT Device you found on that shipping platform two weeks ago? We recently moved it to the southern island on Tanoa for research, then were prepping to ship it home, but CSAT had other plans… While trying to airlift the device, a bloody Neopran squad did a fly by. Our Anti Air was able to shoot it down but we’ve detected a small CSAT Strike team quickly making ground to reclaim and possibly demolish the device. Your job as the Quick Response Team is to mount up and resecure that device, then bring it back to the main base where it will be safe. There are reports of CSAT and bandit forces going active all over the islands, so expect a heavy fight!

It’s convoy time…mount up boys!

Squad 1  (1 armed Prowler + Device)
Squad leader (Overall Commander): Ezlan
Marksman Cobaltcat
Auto Rifleman: enxyo
Grenadier: Kyle Clements
Engineer: Shadow
AT Specialist: Grieving Gold
UAV Operator: Jockey (Jocky)
Medic: The evils we

Team 2 (EOD Team) (Prowler armed)
Team leader: GrandBravo
EOD Specialist:
LT Dan
EOD Specialist

Cheetah"Swatter" crew
Cheetah Driver
(engineer): Inzaindabridge
Cheetah Gunner (AA Specialist): Ex "Papa Dragon" tra

Marshall Crew
Marshall Driver
(engineer): Hoffie92
Marshall Gunner (engineer): JimboSpike

Team leader
Auto Rifleman:
AT Specialist 

-Benjamin Levine


Squad 1: Main QRF Force in charge of moving the device via Temptest Transport. Your team is in charge of managing the entire QRF and keeping the device safe at all costs.

Team 2: You're on point in the convoy sweeping for IEDs and other traps. Squad lead and Medic should keep in the armed prowler while the EOD team sweeps the roads
Cheetah: Keep the skies and the hills clear. Conserve your ammo as best you can and do what the squad lead tells you to, but above all protect the device from air assets.
Marshall: Conserve your ammo but be ready to provide fire support for the infantry. Do what your squad lead says, and help protect the device. Stick behind the device and cover the rear unless ordered to.

(Reserve) Squad 3: Keep on point and provide cover for the EOD team, but be ready to be on the move depending on what the squad leader needs (basically QRF)



This is also a bit of mods testing cause the week after this event I'm branching into a part of arma we all know and love. To give you a hint, it involves Ryan's famous Zombies and Demons pack...



Thumbnail ironhide.PNG

Some additional notes:
-You can take any route, so long as you're trying to get to the end point. It's my job to keep things...interesting...
-Red question marks are areas where there's likely an ambush, but not guaranteed. I recommend you scout these places out beforehand.
-T junctions are marked where paths can branch out.
-You have to cross the bridge.
-The device MUST get to the train yard marked at the end point at all costs!

Edit #1: I'm taking out the mods for the moment, I will possibly add them back, but i'm currently working on some configs because I dunno if this will be hosted on a private server or EU 5 yet. Stay tuned, and keep signing up.

Edit #2: I'm sticking with private hosting. They've offered to host it via mission file but the multiple different triggers I've set up cause too much in lag spikes which, when you have multiple moving vehicles, can cause some issues. Plus, I need the Zeus interface so I can record and edit things in the mission >_>'

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12 hours ago, D.v.Brandenburg said:

@Liru the Lcpl. didn't you tell yourself to stop writing these when you're at work? 


Look at the date :Cereal_Guy-min: You may wanna use day/month/year the more common one otherwise it might cause some confusion. 


Or use this and use all the date formats.



In Freedom America, we do it (month)/(day)/(year)

Hence why I put the day down as well.  :grin-min:

Also, pick a role :AreYouSerious-min:

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10 minutes ago, Inzaindabridge said:

Cheetah gunner plz. Will be there 

Unfortunately that role has already been taken by Extra, but there are plenty of other roles to choose from ^_^

But honestly i'm sure if you join a vehicle crew and ask mid mission you can alternate roles. No one's going to be a jerk about it (hopefully) since this is all about fun, right?

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5 minutes ago, Liru the Lcpl. said:

Unfortunately that role has already been taken by Extra, but there are plenty of other roles to choose from ^_^

But honestly i'm sure if you join a vehicle crew and ask mid mission you can alternate roles. No one's going to be a jerk about it (hopefully) since this is all about fun, right?

Ok sounds good.

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Mods have been finalized
, please go to steam and download them if you have not already! Also, i'm sticking to private servers for now, too much extra work and restrictions to get it running with EU 5, and I just don't have the time with classes and a 40 hour work week.

I only have 5 slots left!  Sign up now before they're gone ;)

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33 minutes ago, SirMurficus said:

Please could I have the Section 3 Autorifleman, Liru?


ADDITION: For the sake of the mission, I'd rather not drop in as a medic. I'm not trying to leave Section 2 half full, promise!


I would prefer that section 2 is filled fully, there's still an EOD, team lead, and medic slot left. However with the amount of maybes and the usual drop ins I get I'm expecting a few bleed ins to be added into the third squad, so who knows what will happen. At this rate i'll most likely merge sections 2 and 3 unless a get another 3-4 people to sign up.

For now, i'll put you on the maybe list but with preference on the auto rifleman for section three unless you want a position in section 2.

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All right, consider this a debrief for everyone, and i'm uploading the videos but it's 150 gigs total guys (over 5 parts/videos), so don't expect anything till tomorrow XD

However, let me address some things from my perspective, and feel free to give your criticisms here as well. This is all a learning experience after all ^_^

Things I screwed up on:
-The timing. I expected this to last about 1-1 and a half hours, but we started 30 minutes late due to some issues and the operation lasted 2 hours due to the route taken and the very slow start. I do apologize for this, but please understand that, for these types of missions, I cant give a good time frame because the mission is based on the players' actions. But again, I do apologize.

-The mines. I'll coordinate with my server provider a little more to make sure the freaking Ace modules are all working properly. In hindsight if I knew we were going to take so long to get everyone on the server I would have just restarted it and had it fixed, and in the future i'm going to make sure these script are added properly for future events.


Things I want the playerbase to work on:
-Stop the rage quits. Seriously, i'll make sure you get back to the AO asap to the point of even TPing you to the frontline, but if you get shot in the back during a critical part of the mission, please don't rage quit AND start spamming rather nasty things at me via steam. Seriously, that was uncalled for. I understand that, in the moment, it can suck to get taken out of the action by an AI or myself controlling a unit, but these things happen. Please don't be so childish, we're all adults (I hope)
-Make sure your mods are downloaded and your mic issues are fixed BEFOREHAND AND show up on time!. I don't mind pushing the start time back so we can all fix these issues, but I can't control these client side issues and therefor I can't really help you except for pushing the start time back, but when some people rely on the timing because they have other things, my hands are a bit tied.
-PID your targets...you shot civs, police, and even fellow NATO soldiers... I know the adrenaline is pumping but come on guys :)

Things that went well:
-Overall the mission went very well guys. Seriously there were moments where you just outright mowed enemy units down with ease. Cudos to the Marshall Crew of Hoffie and JimboSpike, after that one mishap with the mine you guys kept clearing house. Same goes to the Cheetah and ground teams, everything was executed quite nicely.
-After you got passed the bridge, your momentum with the convoy was excellent and things really got going. Great job keeping the speed and making sure the engagements were away from the device.
-Medics did a great job keeping everyone alive. Overall there were only 2 casualties I think.
-GreivingGold, excellent job with keeping the Device safe
-GrandBravo and Ezlan, excellent job commanding everyone and picking a good route. It may have been a longer route, but the reasoning behind the choices was very valid. Had you gone the shorter way there would have been more CSAT to deal with and, for the amount of players, I think that was the best choice.
-After that one mishap with the mines, excellent job sweeping for them, and good spots on the remaining mines that were placed.
-Honestly I expected you guys to stall at the bridge, but I was happily surprised on how smooth it went. Again, excellent job to Ex "Papa Dragon" Tra soloing in that Cheetah.
-Kman, enxyo, and SirMurficus, kudos for leading the convoy on foot and helping to spot targets and start the engagements before they ambushed the device. I have plenty of beautiful footage of you guys mowing down Insurgents and CSAT alike.

Overall guys, I think it was a great op. I'm uploading everything now, and will post the videos here ^_^

AND REMEMBER, next week will have a nice change of pace... ZOMBIES!!! I'll have that event posted up by Monday morning, i'm doing a lot of testing with it on Sunday to make sure everything's set. More details on it soon!

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All right, first 4 videos are up, just click the link and you'll be sent to where the specific videos are in my Zeus playlist. I'll have the 5th video up later tonight as to i'm focusing on some zombie stuff today, but honestly part 5 was just me getting you guys to finish the mission asap cause it had already eaten up so much time (and a few FF incidents >_>')

Again, good job everyone, and operate operationally! Hopefully i'll see you all next week!

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