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Spartan? Are you there Spartan?

Kyle Clements

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So, where to begin. What on earth is going on with the Spartan thing? Last time I checked there were 2 Spartans. 2. Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of Ahoy members there are 2 Spartans. So what is going on? I have seen through my 2 or so months of being on these forums loads of people inquiring and questioning about Spartan and Zeus in general. I am really curious why we don't have more. There are now quite a lot of trustworthy people on AhoyWorld and I am just wondering why whoever picks them hasn't given more people such a title. We have the Admin slot becoming more open (with the whole sign-up thing which I completely support) why not the Spartan slot? 


Now I personally am interested in the title (as I am sure a few of the admins are aware:D) but I am worried that something is happening behind the scenes that could jeopardize the title. Just thought I would ask. Thanks, Kyle


can I just be a spartan already jeez no need to be so mean.......joking 

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