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ArmA 3 - Version 1.62 Render bug.


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Why, hello there! If you clicked on this thread, it most likely means that you're experiencing the same issue as me.. or not. That's what I wish to find out. So, the ArmA 3 render bug that got introduced with Version 1.60-1.62.. where do I start? It appears to completetly remove all textures of ambient objects and starts to randomly render them again, dropping the FPS to 3-5 and making the game ultimately unplayable. Sometimes it clears up after a while, sometimes it doesn't and requires a game/PC restart to fix it. (Hell, I even had it crashing on me whileI tried to fix it.)


Here's two clips showing the issue: 




How many of you people are having this issue? Does anybody know how to fix it? Everything is appreciated. And since no one has addressed this issue here, I thought it might be good if I do. :-P Anyway, see you on the battlefield. And don't trip. Feel free to use the clips in a support ticket for BI to finally make them aware of the issue and have 'em fix it. (Like that's ever going to happen.)

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