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Next Basic Training

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Howdy all,

Myself and two other guys got on the enhanced server last night to give it a try and figure things out as to the mods and what not. Found it to be quite difficult but fun, died several times. Got the basic raidos figured out, kinda. Combat Life Saver/First Aid system was a challenge, still dont know the half of it. But alot of fun working as a small team.


Could we schedule a time with an experienced player who could run us through the basic training program?

 I dont tend to see too many on EU 3 around my time on weekdays. 


I am US based and on CST time zone.

Weekends are free for me most of the time.

I am on most nights around 6-11pm CST


If we could have training classes on things like.


First aid


Squad Movement

Vehicle manuvers.




     LT Dan



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6 minutes ago, LT Dan said:

Thanks for the forum links guys, I will read up on it.

Always been a hands on person myself so i will also look forward to getting something scheduled.


De nada ;)

And for the hands on part : pop on to EU#3 and ask someone to show you something, I think there might be an oddly willing carebear or two around to have the one or the other useful info and procedure handy .

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1 minute ago, Amentes said:

I can try to set something up after the 3rd of August, I'm currently busy having some out-of-country friends and their kids around.


Will get on it.

Great Thanks Bud

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I have not been able to get in touch with the other two players who were interested in joining in on the training, 


Setting this up as an open event or signup event might be the best course of action.


When i get off work at 5pm it would be about 12 to 1 am your time.


Weekends would work out the best seeing as i could be online in the morning, 9 am my time would be about 4pm your time.




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Vehicle Guide should you want to read up on Vehicle Manuevers and tactics as well as Infantry Support for said vehicles.


In addition, I'd be happy to help conduct a BCT for ya but you've got plenty of people to help you out, EU3 isn't a super realistic server mind you so do note that a lot you may learn from me or others won't be used in game anyway. Have fun and I'll see you out there!

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