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Unofficial Rust Server


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Hi there guys, we have been having some fun in Rust of late so we decided to open a server, with permission from David we would like to invite the members of Ahoyworld onto this server for some tetanus fuelled action. 



The server is not officially affiliated with Ahoy World, we advertise with permission.


The server is fully PVP and open to the public, meaning that the sooner you get on, the more of a chance you stand of surviving the murderous, base-raiding Rust community. With few rules anything goes so ready up to go against naked rock wielding, foul mouthed (Moon) psychopaths and over geared, stone cold raiders. Try and survive alone, or hop on the Ahoy teamspeak to look for your very own battle buddy.




Server Info

Server Name (WIP) : *NOOB FRIENDLY* Flare Server - UK


Server Address :


PVP : Enabled


Restart Schedule : Every 2 Weeks


Rules : 5 players Max per Base, TBC





Advertising Permission




See you in the wasteland,



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