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Greetings Ahoyworld!


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Where do I start? Well first of all hello to everyone, I'm Rudi, most of you have probably seen me on EU1/EU2 just "lollygaging around" and/or complaining. I've been playing on the servers for, I would say a good amount of time now and just now decided to register, so... yeah, I would say that's it. Anyway, I hope I'll continue to have an epic time and slay countless more "bad guys" with you all! See you on the battlefield! Also I'll just stick this question here as well; the Ahoyworld squad XML, is there anyway I can get it or do I have to go through a "special phase" to acquire it? Thanks in advance! -Rudi

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2 hours ago, Lone said:

Hi, to get the XML you need to have been active in the community for a while, try hanging out on ts a bit. #


See here for more info,


Will do, thanks! Just one thing, the link to the sign up page seems to be broken, is there an alternative one or am I just blind?


1 hour ago, Bloo Flar3 said:

Hey, welcome to ahoy o/

Thank you o7

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