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Liru the Lance Corporal

Liru the Lcpl.

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In-game name when banned: Liru the Lance Corporal

Why do you think you were banned? Someone else advertised during an event I was hosting, and thus I'm allegedly responsible. That's the best that you could ever do.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? *cracks knuckles* I'm not going to lie, the day Origins posted that question about Redguard, I knew this was coming. I didn't know how or when it was going to happen, but I know that you guys were looking for a reason. I've been squeaky clean here, with no priors, no kicks, no reason to have a negative thing said about me. I was even going for the Spartan rank, and figured the best way to do that would be to host events to show that I could use Zeus efficiently and effectively to make things more enjoyable to the players. When I first came here, I sent two messages through the forums asking how to host operations like Luetin09 utilizing EU 4 or EU server, seeing this guide and wondering how I could do so:
No replies, and when I asked admins about how to host events they just told me to ask through the method I was using. A week went by and I received no responses, and by the end of that week the forums had achieved a new look and domain so I decided to utilize the other path mentioned in the post above: using my own server. No one spoke against it for weeks until this whole "unofficial" mess started up, and now we're here. I was eventually offered EU 5, but here's how it played out:
No response from David after that, so I guess he was just holding it above my head like a prize either to torment me about it or encourage me to keep doing what I was doing and maybe I'll be able to use EU 5. I dunno anymore...

Simply put: Did I advertise anything? No. Have I been doing these for a while and had no word from the admins about it since roughly 7 days ago? Nope. Should I be unbanned? Absolutely, but I know you won't because you're using flawed logic that's absolutely hypocritical from what I've heard. So Here's where Liru get's to call you out: Put your evidence here, in this ban appeal: show me what I did wrong for your entire community to see. Show Luetin09, show your EU 3 mods, show your field ambassadors, show your AW members, and show new people how you run your community. If you thought Brandenburg's appeal got a lot of attention, just wait till this is posted. To quote myself: "Let's see how this all plays out." I know you're all in TS waiting for this appeal... to censor it or to edit what I say like you have previously in my threads, I do not know, but I have time on my side.

When I joined Ahoyworld, I was looking for a place to belong. I saw Luetin's missions, I did a bit of research on the forums, I thought this was a good place. After the clock ran by and I continued my research, I learned of a much more dark part of this place... The staff were feared, not respected, and if they didn't like you they would go on a witch hunt to find a reason to take you out, as evidenced by this post and previous people who have been sniped before me...

So come on Muckduck, take point here and give your squad leader Liru some more feedback. I did appreciate it on Friday's Luetin09 mission, and it was an honor to serve over you, and I'm always open for more feedback. I guess i'm not getting that Spartan rank after all ehh? That's alright though.

And to everyone on the sidelines, you have an upvote button and a comment button. If you want to speak with me over all of this, feel free. This effects anyone who likes my missions after all! I've also copied this entire ban appeal, word for word, and if anything is edited, I will let everyone know...

Ohh, and one more thing. If my research is accurate, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the core staff review their administration team. A few weeks ago I did some digging to see if a rumor was accurate, and holy shit was I surprised to see what I saw with some people being in other gaming communities...

P.S. Well played Zissou, changing your name and joining the event with your mike off. Honestly if you guys wanted me to stop hosting events, maybe you could just ask next time instead of causing this massive scene ;)


Which administrator banned you (if known): David himself

When were you banned: 5:30 Eastern Standard Time 7/24/16

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I find a lot of this quite upsetting to read, while I won't call you wrong I need to point oit a few things, I receive in the region of 5 PMs and per day, many I can't deal with at the time I receive them as I work away during the week, a lot of the time I'll read it and intend to reply to it later and a lot of the time I'll forget. @Josh and @zissou will be able to attest to how easily distracted I can be. Secondly you know my personal policy on posts, so long as it doesn't break the rules it stays, criticise the community as much as you like but so long as you can stay within the rules it can stay, to suggest we would modify it to our agenda is insulting to me. I've never ever set out to have a member banned, the first time I ever actually spoke to you was in the gamenight with luetin 3 days ago, I had some criticism of your squad leading but that's as far as it goes, for the sake of the community if I ever end up doing what you've said I'll remove myself. I understand this was made in the heat of the moment but if you want to make a new appeal or send any more information you are free to do so, if you want to add anything you can pm it to me and I can post it here. 

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