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EU3 Advanced Rappelling: Advanced Urban Rappelling?

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Hello EU3 Players and Moderators, 

i've been looking at 2 mods for EU3 that mostly is about Rappelling.


we all know that there is no rappelling in Arma and we have had many mods about rappelling but this one must be one of the best ones,

i have 2 mods to show you one of them is of course about rappelling from helis, but i also got one that is about rappelling from buildings.

both of them works really well and there should not be any problems whit them i've been using them on some custom missions i've been making.

even AI can use the rappelling from helis.


Here is the links for the mods:


Advanced Rappelling:


Steam WorkShop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=713709341


Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31254


Advanced Urban Rappelling:


Steam WorkShop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730310357


Official Download site: https://github.com/sethduda/AdvancedUrbanRappelling/releases



I hope that the Moderators will look into and i hope that it will bring more realisme into EU3 i also see this being use full on EU6.

hope that you will talk about it and consider it.







Potato <3











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I've been following these mods for some time, and have also tested them in the editor.


Although they're great and work well with vanilla vehicles (although APEX wasn't supported yet when I tested it), it doesn't work perfectly with vehicles from mods.



The AR mod will check the vehicle model to see if it has a “rappel point“, and use those to connect the ropes to.

If not, it will simply attach the ropes to the bottom of the vehicle (like the VTOL), which IMHO breaks emersion.


It is possible to manually set the attach points, but require quite some work (especially with all the vehicles from CUP and RHS).



I haven't tested the AUR mod yet, but the scripts look the same, so should work without any issues as well.

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They look interesting but I see this as a case of a lot of effort to produce an effect that will be used only in very rare instances. Even ACE fast roping is rarely used.


Now, if you could throw a rope from the base of a building and climb up: that would be useful.

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Eh, maybe for EU3 but even then I don't see us needing to reppell very much there, it's usually the same ol' tactics used anyway.


As for EU6, in a realism aspect, US Marines reppell from helicopters rarely, hell, they get rides IN helicopters rarely and when it comes down to needing air transport, it's either for mass transport to an area land vehicles cannot easily get to or if said Marines need to drop into an area quickly, they may need to rely on working alongside something like 160th SOAR to get them in close and reppell, something you will be aware of if you've ever heard of the Black Hawk Down story.

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