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Giles McHugh

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Hey everyone, Bit of an annoying topic :)

I'll start off by saying please be patient with my im a slow learner haha

But what i'm after is a step by step know how of how to download and install World Edit.

Also i need a link of where to get it from XD haha

Obviously this is for the single player not anything to do with the server but its just so i can speed up the whole creating zsurvival thing :)

Hope someone can help

Many thanks

Dopeytapestry ^_^

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I'm with the lady at the moment so I can't provide any personalised detailed instructions, but here's a link to the single-player mod Single Player Commands.


Single Player Commands comes with WorldEdit too, so you don't need to install multiple mods. Follow the instructions from this thread and you should be good to go. When I'm back at my home computer I can check to see if you've had any problems. :)

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