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What nights does EU3 run

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Hi folks.


I'm keen to get playing on EU3, but when i go to join theres nobody on the EU3 server.  What nights are best to jump in and say hello.


Also, is there any way for me to learn how to setup the ACRE system and learn how to use it in game?






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There's just been a restructuring of the mods due to the Apex update and things being broken. Add to that people going off on vacation, may their heads be struck from their necks for such disloyalty.


It'll get back to normal soon enough, at which point there'll usually be 10-25 people on at any given night, plus gamenights planned two weeks in advance that you can sign onto.

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Thats good to hear. I'm trying to get my clan mates to try a few missions on the ahoy server but i think they need a bit more nudging to get them onboard. I do really like the co op role play based stuff.   


Where can i learn hoe to use the acre system. Anywhere i can go to do this?

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