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Hello, everyone, I'm Damien. My in game name is Abaddon (I know, way too many names) Anyway, I'm excited to be here and part of the Ahoy World community. I've been trying to find your servers on ArmA for ages but for some reason I couldn't find them. But I popped on the forums here and asked a question and was given an answer (It was that easy and I never even tried it before) But I finally found your servers! I'm just so glad to be able to play. I've seen videos and heard that AW servers are the best! But what really made me interested in finding you was the amazing gameplay I've seen on luetin09s channel. I don't expect to be in such a big part of the community yet but maybe some day. I'm slightly new to Arma, I've played it a bit on other servers and tried to make myself a decent pilot (I love being a pilot) I may need some help in learning the game a bit more but I think I'll get there. I enjoy the teamplay gameplay of Arma. I've looked for that kind of concept in other games but none could offer it as much as ArmA. Anyway, to wrap up this introduction I'm very excited to be here and to finally be able to play on these servers. I look forward to getting to know a lot of you and be Brothers and sisters in arms. 


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Welcome. Just follow the rules and U will be alright.
I assume U have ARMA 3 for a long time playing KOTH and other modes so I&A should be straight-forward. I might discourage U from flying first and to really be good before ferrying infantry.

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