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*Another* Zeus Poll from Liru

Liru the Lcpl.

What should I make for the Op?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Possible choices

    • (Convoy) Operation Ironhide
    • Black Jacket mission 4
    • PvP+E Operation (Operation Clean Sweep)
    • Freedom: The Police campaign
    • Escape Tanoa 2.0
    • Stealth Operations (Operation Bluefin)
    • Liru, relax, surprise me

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Yea, shoot me, I'm having that dilemma again: I HAVE TOO MANY IDEAS AND NOT ENOUGH TIME, so ONCE AGAIN I turn to you guys! :) Simply put, the poll is multiple choice and I have descriptions for everything. I'm trying to host 2 of them a week BUT there are SO MANY CHOICES!!!



1. (Convoy) Operation Ironhide: It's a convoy mission to get a Tempest transport with a Device from point A to point B on Tanoa. Expect a ground team of infantry to command, an EOD team, and some vehicle crews for a Marshall and Cheetah. There will be FOBs to restock ammo, repair vehicles, and collect respawns (if your timer runs out, medics can still bring you back) It will be a good test of teamwork, and as usually I won't make it unfair, but rather an interesting challenge! I'd need 18 sign ups minimum (which should not be a problem <3) and can easily make more room!

2. Black Jacket mission 4: If you played in Operation Baywatch, it's going to be like Baywatch, but with multiple freaking levels, kind of like that Oil rig assault mission from CoD MW2. I would only need 12 players minimum, but I can easily make room for more. If you don't know what Baywatch is, have a quick glance at this (The thumbnail is enough to get my point across):

3. PvP+E Operation (Operation Clean Sweep):  NATO must assault a Guerilla held area and clear it while a small elite CSAT team makes their job a living hell... We've done plenty of testing with this category and I think it's finally time to give it an "official" operation, no hands barred, no limits to NATO or CSAT, just let them operate as they would in any other operation and let the carnage ensue. NATO would be NATO and CSAT would be an elite NON VIPER strike team. The ratio of units would be 1 CSAT Player to 4-5 NATO players, and roles would be first come first serve. I would need 16-20 NATO players and 3-4 CSAT Players.

4. Freedom: The Police campaign: With the addition of Police forces, it really got me thinking of having this type of a campaign to do multiple different types of operations in a country but with limited equipment and a few mods for added items such as riot shields and advanced movement. Teams would be 4 man fire teams, a leader, 2 riflemen, and a medic. One of the riflemen would be a dedicated point man with a riot shield and such, and we could have custom roles such as the overall commander being the Police chief and a hostage negotiator, there's plenty to expand on here!


5. Escape Tanoa 2.0: Simply put, I was playing Escape Takistan with some old friends a few days ago on Arma 2, and since I'm lazy with scripting, why don't I just recreate the mission Zeus style as well as allow for more than 6 players compared to the usual escape operations, and make a massive PoW escape! (#Leave_no_@D.v.Brandenburg_behind!...maybe...)


6. Stealth Operations (Operation Bluefin): After spending 2 hours making Operation Redguard and experimenting with AI and movement, I thought: "Why not a true stealth operation?" Since space would be limited to 1-2 squads, if lots of people sign up, I could change it into some sort of competition of which squad completes the objective first to promote some friendly non PvP competition, and make a standard operating procedure of "if this happens, then I react by doing this" and so on. It would be very interesting!


7. Liru, relax, surprise me: Leave the decision to me, and after walking around catching Pokémon for 8 hours, i'll just go into my Blackbox setup server and set up something. It might be  one of the 6 options mentioned above, it might not be (though 90% chance it will be one of the 6 unless I'm out of it)

Right, those are the choices! Vote as many times as you wish and leave a comment or something! I'll finalize the results this TUESDAY (the 26th) and start prepping next weeks, though if I see an overall winner or two by Sunday, I think it'll be clear with what i'll be hosting!

Ohh, right, this is all 'Unofficial" BUT I've been told I MIGHT be able to host these things on EU 5. Emphasis on the *might* part, it's a work in progress ^_^

Thank you all so much for your help and support by signing up for my missions, it truly puts a smile on my face when I see the sign up rosters...


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Damnit option 7 was supposed to be a joke and you all actually voted for it...it defeats the point of a poll if you make me have the final say! (lol) I need to stop making these at 4 am while i'm working!

So I've been talking with some of y'all in TS and using this poll data and I've decided that one of the operations will have one of the following titles:

Saving Private @D.v.Brandenburg (or not)

More details to come in the aftermath of Redguard tomorrow!

(keep voting, I need my second idea)

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