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Look what I re-textured


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5 hours ago, Kyle Clements said:

These look so good.

I like this one too, because what I've seen so far was just main (color) texture replacement, without any depth map/reflections modification. I got rid of most of the rivets.


You should make a full mod out of this. I'm thinking a private military company.

Yup. It's happening



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Might be a cool thing for the ahoyworld servers. 


6 minutes ago, David said:


They can be downloaded as an image with the mission and then applied, the only impact would be increased filesize. 


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If you have me on steam, check out first dev build of the mod:


1 hour ago, D.v.Brandenburg said:

Might be a cool thing for the ahoyworld servers. 

Maybe. Every texture is ~1MB. OK for let's say adding black offroads to the mission, but for example my Marshall have 5 new textures (>7MB). It's too much even for a game night event, let alone public server. 

Some of this modded stuff I am doing can be achieved with small server-side scripts, ex. vehicle modification - unarmed IFV's, police beacons, opening doors, or attaching objects - explosives to vehicles or units, putting statics/mortar on the back of the truck.



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22 hours ago, ZeroZeroSix said:

You should still consider uploading this to armaholics or the Steam workshop.


I will. It's early access / alpha build right now. I'm making a lightweight collection of assets, drawing from other mods. 100MB right now: vests, uniforms, backpacks. Full-on open source. Everything you might need to make PMC-style mission. If anybody have suggestions, what should I include, please let me know. I already have a person interested in making Zeus campaign with this mod.


BTW: In last mission of "Win", there where contractors in the airport, and now this was included in Apex:
Let's add to this story.

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