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Getting married tomorrow


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Hi all, the title above is the main reason I haven't been on as much as I would like recently and as the day has been drawing closer I've been finding I have less time for gaming. For me Arma isn't the type of game i can only play for an hour or 2, I like to dedicate a whole afternoon or evening. After a couple of days you can expect to see me around a lot more often and i'm sure you'll soon be fed up with me. 

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21 hours ago, S0zi0p4th said:

Thats imposible   after you got married your stuck to limited play time trust me :)


20 hours ago, Pie said:




Wise words from these men. Coming from another husband...


Congratulations. The missus always comes first...

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This is late notice but congratz on your marriage.. Though I guess once you in this case 'sign your life' away haha let's just call it that, you'd be restricted on how many hours you can play. I've got a girlfriend who I've been with for 7 months and yet I'm sort of limited, especially when she's with me


Anyway good luck in the future bro, hope you make a success out of it.

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