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Good Day Chaps & Chapettes


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Hello All, 


Thought i'd make a post introducing myself as I have been spending more and more time on AhoyWorld servers recently. 


Not too much to say really, quite young at only 22, from the United Kingdom and have been playing ArmA since late ArmA 2, back then mostly for DayZ and its spin-offs. Hit 1000+ hours on ArmA 3 recently, most of which is from Altis Life or MILSIM groups but now IAA has definately taken my fancy :)


I dabble in a bit of map making with A3 however not really found an outlet for it that has stuck, Life servers come and go with the wind and there isn't really much demand for it elsewhere. 


Some of you may or may not have seen me on EU#2 under the same name (MightyLAD). 


Mostly here for IAA, especially #EU2 because Tanoa is life & also because I've made some good acquaintances on there which always makes for a good sessions when we squad up.


If you ever see me feel free to jump in Dagger Squad, we're always talking, working together and of course having a good laugh too. 


See you out there!


- Luke (MightyLAD)  

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It seems the introductions are getting better lately. You've said enough to get yourself introduced Luke, but didnt put up your complete lifestory and thats okay. 


Welcome here, on the server and probably on teamspeak aswell. And if you get bored of arma, theres enough to fool around with and sqeeze some fun out of it.

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