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Hi, I'm Blair and I love playing Arma. I have played mainly life servers and the odd bit of Battle Royale, but I want to try out something new, which led me here! If anyone could tell me how I get up and running (i.e; mods to download) then that would be great, as I don't know what mods are required to play on these servers. Anyway, I hope to see many of you in game over the following weeks.


Cheers, Blair.

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Ahoy Blair The Major League Game Pro

Welcome to the community.

You can find mods repositories and guides here

EU#1 and EU#2 you can play without mods (vanilla) or you can use some of the optional mods. 

EU#3 is called Enhanced and that is for more serious-fun play. To play there you need to instal required mods and be on Teamspeak (you need to read rules to get the password).

EU#4 is reserved server where Zeus missions are played. Mostly they are made by Luetin Friday and Monday nights.

EU#6 is AHOSEC server. You need to go through the application process for this unit. I don't have first-hand experience but I think they provide mil-sim experience.


Be sure to browse forums and look on pinned discussions.

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