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[INFO]: Unofficial Gauntlet 0.47a @Tanoa

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Mission: Gauntlet 0.47a Tanoa

Main Base Location : Aeroport de Tanoa


Hello AW.

These are some insights and information on Gauntlet for Tanoa map.

We all awaited this map to come out so we can explore jungles and villages of Tanoa Islands. We have been to Chernarus which has "baby hills", or Takistan elevated hills but no vegetation, all even all around Altis which is playground compared to Tanoa. The question: Is Tanoa ready for current Gauntlet version?

Be aware these are not a full list of problem that can arise with terrain of Tanoa. Major of AOs have been tested but everytime another set of small issues rise up. These are one of general.


--First problem will probably be topographical location of towns.

Detailed:Now, we had previous towns along the coast but this map has plenty. When Gauntlet spawns ground units sometimes they end up in the sea, they either abandon vehicles or swim to the coast. Once, it spawned remaining forces inside MainBase with destination to current AO.

--There are also issues with MG nests in AO:clearCamp where it can spawn camp also near coastline.

Detailed: Since MG nests are far away from the camp they can also spawn in water rendering them useless. Reducing MG nest distance from camp can be done, but it defeats the purpose of having MG nest.

--Difficulty of terrains

Detailed: There is a lot of unreachable locations for AI, difficulty of terrain is major concern for this map. While it looks wonderful and eye appealing, AI is not that smart so it can introduce problems like EU#2 running Tanoa atm which spawns AI inside rocks, or they can just stuck somewhere else.

--Some AO refinement

Detailed: There are some AOs which needed refinement. I've managed to sort out with help from @Ryko AOs  like AO:captureFighter which now includes four randomized and possible locations of aircraft spawn

--AO:destroyRT, AO:destroyRadar positioned into valleys.

Detailed: Major of highly elevated areas are covered into rocks and vast jungle

-- AI movement:

Detailed: A lot of terrain is unreachable which also reduces the movement and deploy of AIs. Especially with vehicles, there is a lot of dead-ends across the map. Just observing enemy ground vehicles will immediately point out the problem: Vehicles going onto road and then they just stop on the end of the road. End waypoint for them is probably somewhere on top of hill or in jungle. They will need vehicles with bulldozer type of equipment. They could also start new business deforestation. It is possible to alter AI spawn with reducing ground vehicles in half but introducing aerial units with each AO. AI shouldn't be that stupid in having only ground assets in area so unapproachable like Tanoa.

-- Possible player's frustration on higher level.

No details here, I'll break down to you; You will just get shot inside vast jungle without knowing where it came from. #tanoaisnam

Gauntlet in this stage is not completely supported. It works sometimes flawlessly but sometimes it fails drastically.

-- Some AO location/delivery problems

Detailed: AOs like AO: deliver supplytruck and AO: steal truck were removed from Gauntlet Tanoa 0.47a because it involved capturing or delivering truck to islands with no physical connection other than sea. Currently, we don't have any sea transportation. We can alter this AOs in two possible ways. First, changing trucks to something like food/med boxes or smaller truck that can be lifted easily with heavy lifters.  Second is introducing new VTOL into west side with vehicle pickup capabilities which also IMO defeats the purpose of convoy. You can just drop it there and be over with.


Changes in Gauntlet 0.47a Tanoa from Generic Gauntlet 0.47a

-arsenal boxes aesthetics changed

-AO: captureFighter involves randomization of spawn location between four new markers according to Tanoa airports.

-AO: captureFighter introduces capturing new CSAT VTOL

-AO: supplytruck removed

-AO: stealtruck removed

- fuel bladders and hemtt ammo changed for huron containters (ammo and fuel containters)

- added MQ-12 Falcon for UAV

- added marine port south of Main Base.

- changed MainBase rectangle size due ambient AI spawned close to it and going inside MainBase.

- added hangar tent for UAV CAS

- added HEMTT truck (opened, unopened) for transport

- additionl illumination units inside MainBase

- supply depot boxes separation depending on function.

- AO positions in valleys or plain grounds instead of top of the hills


Testing and observations were performed on unofficial Gauntlet version designed to support Tanoa map.

Thanks goes to @Ryko for all the help he provided.


Link to images http://imgur.com/a/g0jgO

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